Light radiating from within will guide your path ahead. And that light is self-love. Without it, all is shrouded in darkness

Pop singer-songwriter Jennifer Denali was born gifted with powerfully soulful pipes, a strong work ethic, and an innate stylish flair. However, doubt, depression, and lack of confidence obscured her way in music.

“When you’re on the wrong the path, the universe will tell you. I went through a lot of pain and had to reset. I took a break to heal myself and start over,” Jennifer shares.

Jennifer’s singular pop artistry traverses R&B, soul, and rock, and has been favorably compared to Madonna, Amy Winehouse, and Mariah Carey. Her songs are both intimate, and broadly resonate—she draws inspiration from her personal quest for self-love, and couches these empowering lessons in invigorating R&B pop tracks. Themes of love lost, wisdom gleaned, and her ongoing evolution as an artist and as a woman abound. Ultimately, hers is a soundtrack for spiritual uplift rife with indelible pop hooks, smoldering vocals, and undeniable grooves.

In addition, to her prodigious gifts as a vocalist, Jennifer’s swagger has attracted an elite cadre of modeling clients. She’s been featured in campaigns for Sean Combs, 50 Cent, and for brands like Deleon Tequila, Vaseline, Michelob Ultra, Bud Light, Pure Leaf Iced Tea, and Effen Vodka, among others. Currently, Jennifer is signed with State Management for Fit Modeling Division.

Jennifer is a native New Yorker, and, in true Big Apple spirit, has a lively mix of cultures coursing through her. As the child of an Irish father and Puerto Rican mother, she grew up with salsa music being as much of a household soundtrack as pop and R&B. Her dad is a lifelong stagehand and carpenter at the Metropolitan Opera, and his career has made an indelible impact on Jennifer, who studied theatre design and worked on the production team at the Met. “I grew up backstage, but I always wanted to be in front of the curtain,” she says.

As a young teen she was signed to a development deal with music biz powerhouse Mike Mason (Mariah Carey, Tevin Campbell), who helped Jennifer hone her songwriting chops and explore the life of a professional musician. His impact on Jennifer remains to this day. However, Jennifer’s promising start in music was cut short when she found herself in a toxic cycle of self-medicating from depression. “Up until then, everything I had done led to nowhere. I had to pick myself up,” she confides.

It’s a been a profound restart for Jennifer, and she now can embrace her gifts through having the confidence and selflove to step back into the pop arena. Jennifer released her debut original single “Painkiller” in the summer of 2018 to critical praise and in 2019, she followed up her powerful opus with a Remix EP, and visuals for new singles ‘Try’ and ‘Falling Leaves.’

Jennifer’s upcoming music has a narrative flow from black hole emptiness to breaking through into the light. “The main theme throughout these songs is self-love. It’s about becoming aware of yourself and really dedicating the time to understand who you are,” says Jennifer.

Pausing for reflection, Jennifer says: “The message of my story is love yourself completely—be proud and unapologetic about loving yourself, commit to yourself, and trust in good energy and positive vibes. It’s okay to be okay.”